Zero Waste at Home – What to Snack on?

Zero waste snacks 1 – thank god they sell pretzels in bulk!

Technically eating zero waste isn’t that hard. I *just* have to buy everything in bulk or in my own containers. Easy peasy.

But.. snacks? What the heck am I, or my partner, or guests, supposed to snack on? I used to just offer people potato chips, dips and veggies, ready-made ice cream…  I’ve really had to retrain myself in this area of my life. The things I used to offer as snacks simply don’t come readymade without the packaging.

Here are some of the things I offer as snacks now.


– Olives (from the olive bar at Whole Foods)

– Homemade Gluten-free bread with olive oil

– salted nuts and pistachios

– bulk pretzels


– Squares of leftover homemade pancakes with a chocolate chip (bought in bulk) melted on top

– dried fruits – bananas, Mangos, apricots, cherries, berries, jumbo raisins

– fresh fruit

– energy balls from the Whole Foods bulk section

– bulk chocolate chips

I’m not super satisfied with my current snack offerings and I want to extend this list by making my own dips, hummus, cookies, bars, savoury chips and more. Snacks are a pretty non essential “food group”, but I don’t want to deprive anyone of access to great snacks. Zero waste shopping has been pretty straightforward – now I need to move into “make-from-scratch” mode. Stay tuned – I’ll be sharing lots of recipes in the coming weeks!


Zero waste snacks 2 – Some bulk pistachios and chocolate drops 🙂

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