How to Make DIY Zero Waste Plant Milks

DIY-ing Coconut Milk

Let me confess. Before starting out on this Zero Waste journey, some things used to seem like a complete mystery to me.

How to make plant milks was one of those great mysteries and initially I was shocked at how *easy* and simple this process is. I don’t digest lactose well, so I have bought A LOT of plant milks in my life. We’re talking years and years of 5$ coconut milk (the kind you put on cereal, not the heavy cooking milk), almond milk, rice milk, quinoa milk, tigernut milk… I wish I could rewind time and just make it all from scratch. It’s ridiculously cheap, waste-free and quick. Most plant milks take at most a few minutes to make and DIY-ing them is SO MUCH better for my health and the environment.

There’s an added bonus of switching to DIY milks: I don’t need to worry about shelf life any more! This is because the dried goods that form the base of most plant milks take ages to expire. Dried nuts stay good for years, not just weeks! I just buy A LOT of base ingredients in bulk, enough to last me for some months, and then I just blend up a batch of milk whenever I need it. I only make as much as I know I will consume, so nothing goes to waste. I’ve always been big on minimalism and I don’t think it can get much more minimalist-friendly than this. I’ve taken all the planning out of one part of my weekly pantry staples.

Are you ready to start making some plant milks yourself? Great, buy yourself a few cups of dried shredded coconut and get started with this guide on “Homemade Coconut Milk”. (I generally follow this recipe, but I pour the entire mix through a strainer in the end!)

And here are some recipes for other plant milks:

Rice milk

Almond milk

Cashew milk

Quinoa milk


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