Going fully Zero-Waste – Replacing Packaged Foods with Homemade Zero-Waste Versions

Baking has been a lot of fun. I’ve made zero-waste gluten- and dairy-free pizza at home, and pancakes, and bread. The other day I made yoghurt. It was SO easy. Often it’s easier to make something out bulk flour than to run to the store to get that item.

However, there are some items in my life, that I need to actively find replacements for, in order to go fully zero waste. At the moment I’m not buying any of this stuff, but I’d like to.

Here’s a pretty long list of foods that I’ll attempt to find or make without creating waste:

Mozzarella cheese
Hard cheese/cheese snack sticks (as snacks for kids)
“Clif” bars (for my boyfriend, preferably gluten free)Gluten-free pasta
Lactose- and gluten free ice cream
Fruity yoghurts (for kids) – I’ve made yoghurt, I just want to find the right recipe for a sweet and fruity yoghurt
Potato chips 
Tortilla chips
Corn and flour tortillas
baking yeast
Gluten-free Schnitzel
– I’m German, need my Schnitzel
Sauerkraut – I’m also looking for sauerkraut sold in glass jars, but it seems super fun to make it at home
Wines, whisky, beers (?) – this is going to be tough, I might start out by just making ginger beer
fluffy German-style bread rolls
Dried Italian sausage/salami – Haven’t found some without packaging yet, still looking..
Waffles – also need a waffle iron, but I’d love to be able to make some gluten-free waffles
dairy-free whipped cream
Fizzy drinks – I want to try making beet kvass, or homemade kombucha
Birthday cakes/Cupcakes
Gluten-free chocolate biscuits and other sweet treats
more gluten-free crunchy, savoury snacks – 
I love snacks, and so does my guy

Stay tuned for more posts about DIY-ing all of these foods!

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