“I can’t remember when I first read about zero waste, but I do recall that sense of relief I felt as soon as I started shifting towards a zero waste lifestyle. It was as if a light in a darker corner had suddenly been switched on, or as if something that had been out-of-place for so long, finally just started falling into place.

While my background is in tech, I am also a long-time Ashtanga yoga practitioner and have lived the past 8 years or so as somewhat of a “digital nomad.” Through yoga I’ve come to understand more about the concept of “alignment” as an internal and external expression of congruence with my principles. And through travel, I’ve really come to love this planet and nature and have developed a deep need to do everything I can possibly do to change our footprint on our ecosystem.

Sadly, in the West, we’re shielded off from a lot of the immediate effects of climate change,  whereas in developing countries the effects are clearly visible, and often it’s just devastating to see. (If you need an example, look up “flooding in Bangladesh”, or “trash in India”.)

Like the practice of yoga, zero waste is an incredibly rewarding, and powerful individual practice. For me, it inspires meaning, and gives me a sense of focus and energy that I hadn’t experienced before. This blog is my personal outlet where I blog about everything related to zero waste, minimalism and more. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help getting started with your own zero waste lifestyle change. We can do this together!”