Why should entrepreneurs care about sustainability?

Entrepreneurs need to care about sustainability, because entrepreneurs build the world. If you’re part of the entrepreneurship community today, chances are that your actions, your mindset, your values will contribute towards shaping the future of our society.

What does zero waste have to do with this?

Zero waste is a philosophy based on total value immersion. If you shift towards a zero waste lifestyle in your personal life, this will change and shape your mindset regarding the use of resources, energy efficiency, and much more. Zero waste affects the way you make business decisions, develop production processes and strategies, and ultimately it shapes the way you lead and innovate. We need to build solutions to clean up the planet, shift to renewable energies, counteract the effects of climate change, and make our planet a liveable habitat for generations to come. Zero waste living is a starting point, a cultural shift, a practice of awareness. Similar to the practice of minimalism it inspires creativity and frees up mental resources to address our most pressing issues.

I’m an entrepreneur, how can I do something to shift our footprint?

If you have an existing business, focus on creating a cultural shift in your company by incorporating zero waste principles into your office culture. If you are developing new concepts, look at the top 10 environmental issues we have today and develop solutions for those issues. A good starting point to get more educated about the issues we’re currently dealing with and the dynamics behind them is Daniel Pinchbeck’s book “How Soon is Now”.