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These shoes are made out of 100% Algae foam

I have a bit of a habit of misplacing things. This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if I wasn’t traveling A LOT, so when I leave something in a hotel room, chances are, it’ll be gone forever. Over the years I’ve made tons on improvements and I don’t misplace any crucial items any […]

Zero Waste and Allergy-Friendly “Clif” Bars

I LOVE the taste of Clif bars. Do you know what I don’t love about them? Gluten – I’m really sensitive to gluten and my entire body gets achy for several hours after having gluten. Before starting with my journey to zero waste, I’d occasionally have a “Kind” bar, but overall I’m not all that […]

How to Make DIY Zero Waste Plant Milks

Let me confess. Before starting out on this Zero Waste journey, some things used to seem like a complete mystery to me. How to make plant milks was one of those great mysteries and initially I was shocked at how *easy* and simple this process is. I don’t digest lactose well, so I have bought A LOT […]


Zero Waste at Home – What to Snack on?

Technically eating zero waste isn’t that hard. I *just* have to buy everything in bulk or in my own containers. Easy peasy. But.. snacks? What the heck am I, or my partner, or guests, supposed to snack on? I used to just offer people potato chips, dips and veggies, ready-made ice cream…  I’ve really had […]

Zero Waste Travel, It Gets Easier

I’ve been traveling around with a focus on zero waste for a few weeks now. As you can see in my last post, I didn’t do too well at first. By now I’m managing to stay *mostly* waste free. I have been buying foods in bulk at a Whole Foods location in NYC and been […]

Zero Waste Travel, it’s Hard

I am in the middle of a 10 day multi-city trip. We’re traveling to NYC, Washington DC, NY again, Philadelphia and Vegas – and, I admit it, so far I’ve blatantly failed at avoiding to create trash during a significant part of this trip.   I set out on this with great intentions, but a […]

Sustainable biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes from GreenPanda and other eco-friendly no-plastic toothbrush alternatives

While toothbrushes might appear like a minor concern in the list of modern lifestyle habits that negatively affect the planet, they are actually a HUGE issue for our environmental habitat. In the US alone around 1 billion plastic toothbrushes get thrown away every year (source) and about 50 billion pounds of used toothbrushes in the […]