These shoes are made out of 100% Algae foam

I have a bit of a habit of misplacing things. This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if I wasn’t traveling A LOT, so when I leave something in a hotel room, chances are, it’ll be gone forever. Over the years I’ve made tons on improvements and I don’t misplace any crucial items any more, but every year one or two personal items of mine go missing. This year, it’s one out of two pairs of sneakers I own (or shall I say “used to own”)…

While I’m ooookay with having just one pair of sneakers for the time being, I’ve looked around for a suitable replacement that is in line with zero waste living. Buying used shoes is something I might consider, but I haven’t had much luck browsing charity shop racks for nice and not-too-used sneakers. I’ve also always wanted to own a pair of water-friendly shoes for outdoor activities, but Crocs didn’t seem like a great purchase decision for me – they’re 100% plastic.

Enter – the Vivobarefoot Ultra Blooms, a shoe that’s entirely made out of 100% algae-based foam. Algae harvesting has been popping up on eco news sites for quite a while, but until recently all shoe solutions seemed to be in “beta”, meaning you couldn’t just go online and buy a pair… That’s changed since last month, these shoes are on sale on the Vivobarefoot website!

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