Zero Waste and Allergy-Friendly “Clif” Bars

I LOVE the taste of Clif bars. Do you know what I don’t love about them? Gluten – I’m really sensitive to gluten and my entire body gets achy for several hours after having gluten. Before starting with my journey to zero waste, I’d occasionally have a “Kind” bar, but overall I’m not all that into bars – If I need a snack I’d rather grab a peach.

My boyfriend on the other hand, has no issues with gluten (the lucky bastard), and whenever he’s short on time, he’ll just grab a Clif bar or two to keep him going for another few hours. He’s especially prone to reaching for a “Clif” when we’re on the road. They’re a safe choice for him, since he’s allergic to dairy and the peanut butter bars are dairy free.

Not willing to deprive my partner of his Clif bars, I needed to come up with a solution! When living zero waste, the general course of action is to just DIY it. So I decided to make “Clif” bars at home from bulk ingredients. I needed them to taste *at least as good* as the original – and preferably better.

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Zero Waste at Home – What to Snack on?

Zero waste snacks 1 – thank god they sell pretzels in bulk!

Technically eating zero waste isn’t that hard. I *just* have to buy everything in bulk or in my own containers. Easy peasy.

But.. snacks? What the heck am I, or my partner, or guests, supposed to snack on? I used to just offer people potato chips, dips and veggies, ready-made ice cream…  I’ve really had to retrain myself in this area of my life. The things I used to offer as snacks simply don’t come readymade without the packaging.

Here are some of the things I offer as snacks now.


– Olives (from the olive bar at Whole Foods)

– Homemade Gluten-free bread with olive oil

– salted nuts and pistachios

– bulk pretzels

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