10 Tipps for Travellers who Want to Stay Zero Waste While on the Road

While looking for tips online, I found lots of posts by more seasoned zero-wasters, who make it look like avoiding waste while traveling is a breeze. To be honest, in the beginning, it was really, really tough for me to stick to zero-waste when in transit. And it’s still not that easy.

I’ve thought about why zero waste travel seems tougher for me than a lot of other people, and I think in part it comes down to being a “fast traveller”. While I’m used to slowly cruising along in different countries, I don’t see that as regular “travel” and it’s easy to be zero-waste when I spend a few weeks or more in one location. But then I also occasionally do fast travel, where I only stay in a city for a day or two at a time, spend lots of time out and about and don’t cook at all.

By now, I’ve developed a bit of a system to keep me fed and sane during trips that are a little more rushed. I don’t think that one style of traveling is bette than the other, but I feel that there’s a lack of resources out there for fast travellers who want to be zero-waste, and I’d like to address this by sharing my own guidelines.


Here’s what has helped me stay waste-free on the road


1. Pack enough sweet, and salty foods

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